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Intensive Courses

For anyone in a hurry to learn an intensive course is ideal. We do 1 to 6 day courses, depending on the pupil's starting ability. Each day consists of 4 hours driving, usually split into 2x2 hour lessons, although this can be altered to suit the pupils other commitments. 

1 day Course £150

For those that are very close to test standard or have just failed a test

2 Day Course £300

For those close to test standard but struggling to master 1 or 2 aspects of driving

3 Day Course £450

For those who've been learning already and have covered their manouevres

4 Day Course £600

For those who've had a few lessons but are still relative beginners

5 Day Course £750

For those with very little experience. Maybe been out driving with a friend or relative

6 day Course £900

For Complete beginners

★★★★★ "Passed my test with only 2 minor faults. Highly highly recommend."

Rob S

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